Wednesday, January 7, 2015

CRYENGINE 3.6.14 Mini-Game - "Lockdown" (Preview) Update

Hello everyone,

I developed a new CRYENGINE mini-game that should be ready to play within the next few weeks. The title is called, "Lockdown," based on my soundtrack. This is only a preview of what is yet to come.

You play as a lone, volunteered missionary who happened to be captured by the treacherous evil General Zaragas and his notorious rebels who vowed for world domination. When the lone missionary had been captured, a spirit conscious provided him an incentive to fight against General Zaragas forces. It's up to you to help the lone missionary to take down General Zaragas's forces and escape his labyrinth, no matter what it takes.

This is a prologue to my other CRYENGINE level, "Valley Run."

"Lockdown" is developed using the CRYENGINE 3.6.14 (build 3139), under the CRYENGINE EAAS license. Sounds are from and audiojungle, modified by me, and generated using Wwise.

The mini-game beta will be free-to-play.

Disclaimer: Please note that the mini-game is still being develop and in-progress, due to sound adjustments. I will add more sounds to most of the weaponry in this mini-game and keep you posted. This is only part one of the video. Part two will be coming up, when ready.

As you noticed, I am no longer using Crytek's stock sounds. I will be using my own sounds that I've modified and generated.

I want to thank Crytek for fixing the Heavy Machine Gun setup.

Video recorded via Fraps.

"Lockdown" is a Galatra Games Productions, 2015.

You can download my song, “Lockdown,” at soundcloud:


You can also visit CRYENGINE.COM under Community tab for more general info of CRYENGINE and tutorials.

Monday, December 29, 2014

CRYENGINE Mini-game - "Lockdown"

Hello everyone,

I just want to let everybody know that I am currently working on my latest CRYENGINE mini-game, "Lockdown," which will soon be free-to-play. I'm currently taking a break from developing 30 Floors, until CryBlend updates to CryBlend 5.0 very soon.

This mini-game is currently developed using the CRYENGINE EAAS build 3.6.14. Sounds will be generated using the Wwise Audio Engine. The level creation is made with CryDesigner alone, a DCC tool within the CRYENGINE itself.

Once it is finished, the mini-game will be available for everyone to beta test and play with.

Below are my preview screenshots of my game:

That's all for now. Have a happy New Year and see you in 2015!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CRYENGINE 3.6.9 Mini-game - Valley Run

Hello everyone!

While taking a break from 30 Floors, I made another simple mini-game called “Valley Run” using CRYENGINE EAAS 3.6.9 (Build 2997). This mini-game only demonstrates my use with terrain generating tools, such as World Machine, and Trackview camera sequences for educational use. It is not meant to be serious, but just fun enough how extraordinary it is to work with CRYENGINE.

Some of the assets that I’ve created, such as the Crate boxes, are made with Blender 2.71 using the CryBlend 4.13 plug-in. However, the rest of the assets are still created by Crytek, purchased with the monthly EAAS license.

I’m still working on my current level, 30 Floors, which will be updated and posted soon.

This mini-game level will be free-to-play, once it is finished.

Recorded using Fraps.

Controller movement done through my Xbox 360 controller.

Computer specs:

ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop
Intel i7-4700HQ (4-cores)
GeForce GTX 765m Feel free to post feedback.

Friday, September 5, 2014

CRYENGINE Mini-game - 30 Floors (Developed using EAAS Build 3.6.6)

Now that I subscribed to Crytek's EAAS (CRYENGINE-AS-A-SERVICE), I am now creating a new game that is currently in development and work-in-progress. It is called 30 Floors. I posted a Youtube video to see my latest progress.

PC that I am developing with is the ASUS ROG G750JW (Repubic of Gamers) gaming laptop, powered with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765m and Intel i7 4700-HQ, 1 TB hard drive, 8GB RAM.

AI is programmed using CRYENIGINE's flowgraph system.

Music is composed by me, created using Arturia Spark Dubstep, recorded by Audacity.

Building models are built by using Blender 2.71 with CryBlend plug-in feature and CryDesigner.

Gameplay is subject to change during final release.

Subscribe to my Youtube channel for latest game development updates.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Work Days and CRYENGINE

Hi everyone, I do apologize for the extreme long delay of not writing any blog post, since the new year happen, but work is extremely hardcore. I’ve been working 10 hour shifts for months, but luckily, I still had a chance to work on my CryEngine game.

Now with CryEngine as “EAAS” (CryEngine as a Service) subscription, I’ll stick to the FreeSDK (3.5.8 vers), due to the fact that I am still learning about CryEngine’s mechanics, coding, and gameplay.

I’ll be making a simple FPS mini-game called “30Floors” which I’ll post soon.

Until then, I’ll keep you posted.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Animes showing on!

Hello, Everyone!

Just want to give a shout-out about new animes showing on I will be giving away free 48-hr guess passes for those who grab it first! Click on the link below to obtain it!

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Good Luck!
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-Carl G.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oreimo Kissing Scene Review

Oreimo Kissing Scene Review

Congratulations, Kyousuke! You finally had done a fantastic job of kissing your own sister, in a big white church – with no priest, audience, or bridesmaids to catch the bouquet of flowers. How romantically awkward awesome is that?

In my opinion, I do not feel disgusted or disgruntled when I saw those two siblings kissed each other. Both of them attempted to repair their broken relationships and they did it. All of Kyousuke’s hard work paid off in the end with the help of Saori and the rest of his mutual friends. This was a work of art, not about morals and conduct. Kyousuke broke the ethics barrier by disobeying the social norm. There has been at times where a man can marry a woman, as long as they are not blood-related, with the exception of marrying their cousins. However in the case of Oreimo, I do feel the creators of A-1 Pictures did push the romantic envelope on this one. Many Oreimo viewers were upset as they saw the last scene with Kirino and Kyousuke together, burning their eyes with disbelief. Kyousuke rejected all the girls that he encountered on the previous Oreimo episodes. He felt dating one of the girls would make him feel mundane. Moreover, Kyousuke noticed that Ayase or Ruri (Kuroneko) were nothing compared to his sister. Kyousuke realized, Kirino, is the right girl for him and will do anything to make his own sister happy.

I do believe the kissing scene in Oreimo should be taken with a grain of salt. I do not recommend the viewer to take it too seriously; otherwise that viewer may become delirious with this whole incest dilemma. Remember, this show is about art, not reality. The author and the rest of the creators wanted their fans to enjoy how two siblings overcome their difficult personality strains, while presenting the anime/manga otaku culture in Japan. It had nothing to do about learning the lessons of ethical conduct or moral principles. On the contrary, I am glad that Kyousuke did not choose Ayase because doing so would end the show more devastating.

The author attempted to develop Kyousuke’s and Kirino’s ending anime scene based on the Oreimo PSP portable game. In the last ending scene, Kyousuke and Kirino shared a secret kiss between each other on Kirino’s route. Based on the author’s point of view, the real ending of Kirno and Kyousuke should have ended with a kiss on the lips, but instead Kyousuke kissed his sister on the cheek at the end of episode 16, Season 2. The author intended that it was based on the publisher’s decision, Dengenki Bunko, but the risk did not matter to him, after all. Kirino was the author’s and his development staff’s favorite character. He would rather give the best possible ending for Kirino, in order to end the series. Due to the tremendous popularity of Oreimo, the author and the development staff of A-1 Pictures thanked all the viewers and fans for supporting the show. This does not mean that show may be over. There is a slight hint that the show may continue on the next season, based on the last ending where Kirino became embarrassed for letting her brother kissed her left-cheek and requests to continue their life consultations.

Aside from Oreimo’s incest motif, it has been shown similarly on current events:

Patrick Stubling and Susan Karolewski

Patrick Stubling was an unemployed German Locksmith who discovered that he did had a biological sister at the age of 23. He was an adopted child who lived in Potsdam, Germany before meeting his actual sister. He attended to search for his relatives by attending with his friend to Leipzig, Germany in 2000. Patrick and his sister, Susan, were separated when they were young, due to domestic disputes between their parents. Patrick finally met Susan for the first time and fell in love, after their mother died. Both of these two siblings understood their past, forgave each other’s mistakes, and secretly uniting together as a couple. Patrick and Susan stayed in Leipzig, Germany throughout their present lives.

At the age of thirty, Patrick and Susan bore 4 children. Because incent is a criminal offense in German law society, the couple’s 3 out of 4 children were taken into foster care by the German authorities. Only 1 of their children, Sofia, is still safe with the incest couple. The penalty of having incest in Germany can range up to a two-to-three year jail sentence, whether the offender had sexual intercourse with a blood-related family member. Patrick served his two-year jail sentence at the time where his children were taken into foster care. His wife, Susan, became angry and upset from the German court ruling system and she demanded that the German authorities should recognized their relationship as a normal couple. However, German courts denied her requests because it is considered unconstitutional under on German law.

Professor Juergen Kanze, a geneticist at Charite Hospital in Berlin, Germany stated that the incest law in Germany is leading to the right course of moral action. He believes that when two blood-related siblings develop sexual intercourse with each other, there is a 50% probability their child would inherit abnormal or dysfunctional disabilities, such as autism. Only 25% of their children would grow up normal. In Patrick’s and Susan’s children, 3 of their 4 children had signs of abnormal disabilities. Patrick rebutted Kunze’s statement that it is considered unfair for incest couples to not have children, while disabled parents are legalized to have children. He considered his children to be normal like any other children in his country. Despite all efforts, German courts still denied the couple’s consensual legality.

At the current time, Patrick Stubling and Susan Karolewski lost custody of their three children, after the latest court ruling overturned their cases. Patrick is due for another jail-term, as their daughter, Sofia, will still remain with her mother. Friends and family members from the Leipzig community supported the incest couple’s relationships and determination to win back custody of their children. Even though society will not accept them as a couple, Patrick and Susan continues fighting against the German court ruling system, in order to retrieve their children back as a whole family.

This current event example based on above relates to what Manami said to Kyousuke and Kirino at the park, after they graduated.  Manami pointed out that society will frown upon them, if Kyousuke and Kirino continue with their obnoxious act. It would also predict whether Kyousuke marries his sister, Kirino, and bore children of their own. This would likely not happen because in my humble opinion, the creators may bring back the old cast members of Oreimo attempting to fall in love with Kyousuke, again, while Kirino does her life counseling with her brother in secret. It would be like the one where the creators of “Key” did with their anime, “Clannad After-Story.” Due to A-1 Pictures tentative schedules, only time will tell.

I feel glad the show ended with a happy ending. Kyousuke made the right decision of choosing his sister, even though he disobeyed the societal norm. Perhaps on my next blog update, I may provide an analysis why Kyousuke will never end up with the rest of the other girls. Until then, keep checking my blog page for the latest updates.

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