Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CRYENGINE 3.6.9 Mini-game - Valley Run

Hello everyone!

While taking a break from 30 Floors, I made another simple mini-game called “Valley Run” using CRYENGINE EAAS 3.6.9 (Build 2997). This mini-game only demonstrates my use with terrain generating tools, such as World Machine, and Trackview camera sequences for educational use. It is not meant to be serious, but just fun enough how extraordinary it is to work with CRYENGINE.

Some of the assets that I’ve created, such as the Crate boxes, are made with Blender 2.71 using the CryBlend 4.13 plug-in. However, the rest of the assets are still created by Crytek, purchased with the monthly EAAS license.

I’m still working on my current level, 30 Floors, which will be updated and posted soon.

This mini-game level will be free-to-play, once it is finished.

Recorded using Fraps.

Controller movement done through my Xbox 360 controller.

Computer specs:

ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop
Intel i7-4700HQ (4-cores)
GeForce GTX 765m Feel free to post feedback.

Friday, September 5, 2014

CRYENGINE Mini-game - 30 Floors (Developed using EAAS Build 3.6.6)

Now that I subscribed to Crytek's EAAS (CRYENGINE-AS-A-SERVICE), I am now creating a new game that is currently in development and work-in-progress. It is called 30 Floors. I posted a Youtube video to see my latest progress.

PC that I am developing with is the ASUS ROG G750JW (Repubic of Gamers) gaming laptop, powered with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765m and Intel i7 4700-HQ, 1 TB hard drive, 8GB RAM.

AI is programmed using CRYENIGINE's flowgraph system.

Music is composed by me, created using Arturia Spark Dubstep, recorded by Audacity.

Building models are built by using Blender 2.71 with CryBlend plug-in feature and CryDesigner.

Gameplay is subject to change during final release.

Subscribe to my Youtube channel for latest game development updates.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Work Days and CRYENGINE

Hi everyone, I do apologize for the extreme long delay of not writing any blog post, since the new year happen, but work is extremely hardcore. I’ve been working 10 hour shifts for months, but luckily, I still had a chance to work on my CryEngine game.

Now with CryEngine as “EAAS” (CryEngine as a Service) subscription, I’ll stick to the FreeSDK (3.5.8 vers), due to the fact that I am still learning about CryEngine’s mechanics, coding, and gameplay.

I’ll be making a simple FPS mini-game called “30Floors” which I’ll post soon.

Until then, I’ll keep you posted.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Animes showing on!

Hello, Everyone!

Just want to give a shout-out about new animes showing on I will be giving away free 48-hr guess passes for those who grab it first! Click on the link below to obtain it!

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Good Luck!
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-Carl G.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oreimo Kissing Scene Review

Oreimo Kissing Scene Review

Congratulations, Kyousuke! You finally had done a fantastic job of kissing your own sister, in a big white church – with no priest, audience, or bridesmaids to catch the bouquet of flowers. How romantically awkward awesome is that?

In my opinion, I do not feel disgusted or disgruntled when I saw those two siblings kissed each other. Both of them attempted to repair their broken relationships and they did it. All of Kyousuke’s hard work paid off in the end with the help of Saori and the rest of his mutual friends. This was a work of art, not about morals and conduct. Kyousuke broke the ethics barrier by disobeying the social norm. There has been at times where a man can marry a woman, as long as they are not blood-related, with the exception of marrying their cousins. However in the case of Oreimo, I do feel the creators of A-1 Pictures did push the romantic envelope on this one. Many Oreimo viewers were upset as they saw the last scene with Kirino and Kyousuke together, burning their eyes with disbelief. Kyousuke rejected all the girls that he encountered on the previous Oreimo episodes. He felt dating one of the girls would make him feel mundane. Moreover, Kyousuke noticed that Ayase or Ruri (Kuroneko) were nothing compared to his sister. Kyousuke realized, Kirino, is the right girl for him and will do anything to make his own sister happy.

I do believe the kissing scene in Oreimo should be taken with a grain of salt. I do not recommend the viewer to take it too seriously; otherwise that viewer may become delirious with this whole incest dilemma. Remember, this show is about art, not reality. The author and the rest of the creators wanted their fans to enjoy how two siblings overcome their difficult personality strains, while presenting the anime/manga otaku culture in Japan. It had nothing to do about learning the lessons of ethical conduct or moral principles. On the contrary, I am glad that Kyousuke did not choose Ayase because doing so would end the show more devastating.

The author attempted to develop Kyousuke’s and Kirino’s ending anime scene based on the Oreimo PSP portable game. In the last ending scene, Kyousuke and Kirino shared a secret kiss between each other on Kirino’s route. Based on the author’s point of view, the real ending of Kirno and Kyousuke should have ended with a kiss on the lips, but instead Kyousuke kissed his sister on the cheek at the end of episode 16, Season 2. The author intended that it was based on the publisher’s decision, Dengenki Bunko, but the risk did not matter to him, after all. Kirino was the author’s and his development staff’s favorite character. He would rather give the best possible ending for Kirino, in order to end the series. Due to the tremendous popularity of Oreimo, the author and the development staff of A-1 Pictures thanked all the viewers and fans for supporting the show. This does not mean that show may be over. There is a slight hint that the show may continue on the next season, based on the last ending where Kirino became embarrassed for letting her brother kissed her left-cheek and requests to continue their life consultations.

Aside from Oreimo’s incest motif, it has been shown similarly on current events:

Patrick Stubling and Susan Karolewski

Patrick Stubling was an unemployed German Locksmith who discovered that he did had a biological sister at the age of 23. He was an adopted child who lived in Potsdam, Germany before meeting his actual sister. He attended to search for his relatives by attending with his friend to Leipzig, Germany in 2000. Patrick and his sister, Susan, were separated when they were young, due to domestic disputes between their parents. Patrick finally met Susan for the first time and fell in love, after their mother died. Both of these two siblings understood their past, forgave each other’s mistakes, and secretly uniting together as a couple. Patrick and Susan stayed in Leipzig, Germany throughout their present lives.

At the age of thirty, Patrick and Susan bore 4 children. Because incent is a criminal offense in German law society, the couple’s 3 out of 4 children were taken into foster care by the German authorities. Only 1 of their children, Sofia, is still safe with the incest couple. The penalty of having incest in Germany can range up to a two-to-three year jail sentence, whether the offender had sexual intercourse with a blood-related family member. Patrick served his two-year jail sentence at the time where his children were taken into foster care. His wife, Susan, became angry and upset from the German court ruling system and she demanded that the German authorities should recognized their relationship as a normal couple. However, German courts denied her requests because it is considered unconstitutional under on German law.

Professor Juergen Kanze, a geneticist at Charite Hospital in Berlin, Germany stated that the incest law in Germany is leading to the right course of moral action. He believes that when two blood-related siblings develop sexual intercourse with each other, there is a 50% probability their child would inherit abnormal or dysfunctional disabilities, such as autism. Only 25% of their children would grow up normal. In Patrick’s and Susan’s children, 3 of their 4 children had signs of abnormal disabilities. Patrick rebutted Kunze’s statement that it is considered unfair for incest couples to not have children, while disabled parents are legalized to have children. He considered his children to be normal like any other children in his country. Despite all efforts, German courts still denied the couple’s consensual legality.

At the current time, Patrick Stubling and Susan Karolewski lost custody of their three children, after the latest court ruling overturned their cases. Patrick is due for another jail-term, as their daughter, Sofia, will still remain with her mother. Friends and family members from the Leipzig community supported the incest couple’s relationships and determination to win back custody of their children. Even though society will not accept them as a couple, Patrick and Susan continues fighting against the German court ruling system, in order to retrieve their children back as a whole family.

This current event example based on above relates to what Manami said to Kyousuke and Kirino at the park, after they graduated.  Manami pointed out that society will frown upon them, if Kyousuke and Kirino continue with their obnoxious act. It would also predict whether Kyousuke marries his sister, Kirino, and bore children of their own. This would likely not happen because in my humble opinion, the creators may bring back the old cast members of Oreimo attempting to fall in love with Kyousuke, again, while Kirino does her life counseling with her brother in secret. It would be like the one where the creators of “Key” did with their anime, “Clannad After-Story.” Due to A-1 Pictures tentative schedules, only time will tell.

I feel glad the show ended with a happy ending. Kyousuke made the right decision of choosing his sister, even though he disobeyed the societal norm. Perhaps on my next blog update, I may provide an analysis why Kyousuke will never end up with the rest of the other girls. Until then, keep checking my blog page for the latest updates.

Below is a link of sources.


© 2013 Carl G.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Last Three Episodes of Oreimo Review

The last three episodes of Oreimo finally came out. Every Oreimo fan wanted to see the final true ending of Kyousuke’s fate. Luckily, everyone (except Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and other countries that I don’t even remember who are qualified to see it) can view the final episodes on As far as I am aware of, the rest of the world will be able to see the last three episodes, once the Blu-ray is out.

I did see all the last three episodes on (Premium Member) and man, was I shocked to see this…

Before I discuss with that topic, it comes to my knowledge that Kyousuke will never fall in love with Kuroneko. He already rejected Ayase in Season 2, Ep 12, but on the side of Kuroneko, Kyousuke confessed that he truly loves his sister more deeply than her. Kyousuke wanted to tell his confession of all this time to her, during episode 8-9, but was interrupted by Kuroneko’s laughter as she fell onto the floor with a slight exhaustion, believing their dating scheme was all a joke. On the present time where Kyousuke ran all the way up to the hill to see Kuroneko, he yelled at her with all his hearts’ content with a passion, which made Kuroneko broke into tears. It made her show the notebook that she and Kyousuke cherished in their dating moments. She tears it apart, forcefully into pieces. Most of the notes on Kuroneko’s notebook show the first steps of her dating plans. Kuroneko learned about handling rejection and accepted Kyousuke’s decision.  This ends the Kyousuke and Kuroneko romantic shipping.

On episode 15, Kyousuke decides he wanted to go on a date with his sister on a Christmas shopping trip in Akihibara. During their Christmas shopping, Kirino feels upset where she explained to her brother that she will leave Japan. Kyousuke interrupted by announcing he is love with another girl. Kirino, horrendously, runs away from him. Kyousuke attempts to catch her, but couldn’t keep up with her fast running speed. He attempted in continuing chasing after Kirino, until Saori and her big sister, Kaori,  stopped by in a flash with their white car. Kyousuke headed inside the white car, greeted by Saori, Kaori, and especially his ex-girlfriend, Kuroneko. All of them agreed in chasing Kirino. Kyosuke was surprised to see Kuroneko and asked why she came. Kuroneko replied to him saying that she wanted to see his last moments with his little sister. Kyosuke appreciated her understandings. Kaori finally found Kirino stopping on the next corner of the street, but was halted by a traffic jam. Kyousuke ran out of the car and chased Kirino. He finally grabbed his sister’s hands and announced his confessions to Kirino. When Kirino was about to argue against her brother’s creepy confession, it was interrupted by large loudspeakers, coming from Kaori’s car on the back of the trunk, played by Kuroneko. It contained all of Kyosuke’s confessions to his ex-girlfriend, recorded  secretly, during their conversation. Played throughout the public Kirino was shocked, at the same, appalled to her brother’s true confessions. In the end, Kyousuke broke the ice by asking Kirino to marry him. Kirino gladly accepted his proposal.

At the night during Christmas Eve, Kyousuke and Kirino stayed in a hotel room, where they agreed with the confession that took place in public. As Kyousuke was about to explain Kirino with the next step, Kirino jumped right in to her laptop and asked Kyousuke in joining her playing the latest Christmas eroge. Right when they were playing, Kirino shut down her laptop, feeling guilty that something was missing in herself. Kyosuke gave a present to Kirino which was an engagement ring. Kirino was surprised that her brother really cares for her after buying the expensive engagement ring. Then, Kirino came up to Kyousuke and whispered to him on his brother’s ear about their secret promise. The end of the episode shows them playing the last level of the Christmas eroge, where the main heroine is making out with her Oni-chan.

The last episode was a big surprised. Kyousuke finally graduated high school. He rose his right-hand up high with his diploma on hand, feeling victorious of all his endeavors. At the exit gate, he sees his sister standing next in front of the gray brick wall. Both of them walked together home, until Manami shows up, sitting on a bench. Kyousuke feels this is the last battle between his long-time friend and his sister going against each other.

At the next scene, Kyousuke is sitting between next to Manami and Kirino. Kirino faces away from Minami. Minami,  then, explains the reality of Kirino’s relationship with her brother. Minami subjectively explained to Kirino that their relationship will never be accepted in society. Society will scorn both of them, if Kirino continues to act like that with her brother to the public. Whether she will continue to have this dilemma as she grows older, it would become taboo and face dire consequences. Kirino refuses to believe Minami’s statement, but was suddenly punched on the gut from Minami. Kirino, then, fought back against Minami by punching her in the face, breaking her eye-glasses. Every Oreimo fan knows Minami was the quiet-shy girl in the whole series, but turns out she’s one hell of a vicious fighter. Kyousuke broke up the fight, as he was punched in the face by both girls. Kyousuke in turn, explained to Minami that he will accept his fate by loving his sister more than anyone else. He will not care whether society rejects him for accepting this taboo. Feeling disgusted, Minami finally slapped Kyousuke in the face for making that dreadful decision with his sister. At the same, Minami made a confession to Kyousuke that she, too, is also in love with him. Kyousuke rejected her confession. She walked away and said farewell to the both of them. Kyousuke smiled until punched by Kirino for making her feel even more embarrassed. He calmed his sister down by patting her on the forehead, just like on EP 13, where Kyousuke always pat his sister’s forehead to calm her down when they were young. Kyousuke announced his final plan to Kirino, “let’s get married.”

The last scene was the biggest moment every Oreimo fan is waiting for. Kyousuke and Kirino are in a big, white Church with their wedding dresses on. Both of them smiled for remembering all the moments they had cherished, whether good or bad times, as they proposed to each other in the empty, quiet atmosphere. Kyousuke and Kirino kissed on the altar, as the sun glared from the stained glass window over them. It was over. With their consensual agreement, Kirino and Kyousuke agreed with their promise by going back in being normal siblings. Kirino hands over the engagement ring to Kyousuke as a souvenir and walks out of the altar, telling Kyousuke to hurry-up in exiting the Church. Kyousuke accepted Kirino’s order, while smiling jovially of how remarkably cute his sister is with her anger tantrums. The very last scene shows the both of them in Akihabara, shopping together for the latest brother-sister eroge. Kyousuke explained in the end that he will love his sister more, no matter what society thinks of him, and kisses his sister on the left-cheek. Kirino, as usual, becomes even more embarrassed. Kirino walks out from him, but Kyousuke continues to smile for his sister.

The next blog I will explain about my opinion of the kissing scene between Kirino and Kyousuke.

This is my review of the last three episodes of Oreimo.
Any comments, suggestions, or anything you have to blarg out, go ahead and state your comments below.

Until next time…

-Carl G. (Galatra)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blog Update Aug. 11, 2013

I apologize for the long delay about not having any post in the past few weeks.  Due to my busy schedule at work, I had to take a break from it. However, I had been working on a new game project that I will be composing in SFML (Super-Fast Multi Library) 2.1. It will be shooter (or Shoot-em-up whatever you call it) type game, where you will be dodging numerous bullets, flying, and interesting stuff like that. Still in-progress, but I will keep everyone posted.

Until then, see you next time.